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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Everybody's Got a Beef, and Too Much Henny Penny

Gas prices aren't that high. Are you a taxi driver? No? Barely making ends meet? No?

Then quit yapping about how bad the gas pump is. I get it. Higher than ever. But the gas isn't anything like the hot air people have coming on that life is now hard. What are you paying more a month? $100?

Sure, burning through $100 a month is not unimportant, and adds up at year's end, but Henny Penny's sky didn't fall as fast as yours.

The News
Rush Limbaugh just signed on for eight more years. What does this mean? All those smug people who hate George W Bush might have John McCain as their next president, or Barack Obama is bound to be a one-term president. Either way, Limbaugh's getting the money because he has lots of listeners. How many? $400 million worth.

Chicago White Sox are kicking tail. Cubbies too. Both are 2.5 games into first place. Ol' Hawk was getting some laundry done when the counter maven groused about the success of the Cubs. I told her that any true White Sox fan wants to see a mid-town World Series. When the Sox won it all, they never beat the Cubs. Sure, the Cubs weren't there, but the victory was less sweet. See, get them both in the Series, and real bragging rights will result.

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