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Monday, April 28, 2008

Selling Out Special: Wrigley (Mars), Miley Cyrus, Barack Obama

Is it warmer on Mars today? I checked weather.com, and could not find it listed. Some cool cash was laid down by Mars for Wrigley, though. Not Mars the planet, but Mars the candy bar people.

Chicago is for sale, and people are buying. How long before the Chicago River sells the naming rights and becomes the Primerica Filth Stream?

My days are hot and cold. If you live in Chicago, my lament is also your reality. Some like it hot. Others like it as cool as a cucumber, which, on a warm day turns into hot relish. Freezing alert tonight. 82 degrees last week.

The salary girls just don't know what to wear. They could take a fashion tip from Miley Cyrus and go topless. She's that sort now, but I don't think anyone is surprised.

Such too has been the sales of papers. Up and down, but I think people are tired of tawdry politics. Chicago's a Democrat town. You are not allowed to live here unless you are a registered Democratic, and not allow to stay unless you voted at least twice for Daley in the last election. We know our smut, and elect it willingly. Rod Blaghovich, Tony Rezko, Lisa Madigan, George Ryan (one of the few Republicans to make it through), Richard Mell -- we embrace them all, just like we love the Chicago Cubs. Winners interest us less than popularity.

The Barack Obama frenzy wrought upon us by the Sun-Times has all but been incestuous. They are hoping to bed with him when he hits the White House, or 'if', but it seems John McCain is seeing a benefit from all the Democratic infighting. He could win just by being the last man standing.

It's raining, and I need another cup of coffee.

The News
Mars Acquires Wrigley’s for $23 Billion
New York Times
Mars, the makers of M&M’s, announced a deal Monday morning to acquire the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, the chewing gum concern, for about $23 billion.

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