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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cops (the Good Guys), Mugging, Muggy Weather & Gossip

What a month! Little laptop trouble kept me from going online as much as I would like. It is just as well. I got some exercise. Seems everyone is going out for a walk or a run.

Sales have gone in and around. The humid weather is scaring away the weekday tourists, but the gossip of the day crowd is on top of it.

A friend was almost mugged until one of Chicago's Finest stepped out of a coffee shop unexpectedly. Nothing like a cop to scare off the baddies.

I caught a few movies. Saw Disney/Pixar's Ratatouille. Impressive.

I, myself, someone who sells newspapers, bought a newspaper while passing by the Olgivie Train Station. To think all the years I have been hawking, I have never met this guy. Could be a turf thing. I'm rarely where he is and probably vice versa. Anyway, I was off one day last week, thought I would see how the White Sox were doing. You've seen him, on the east side, just where you would enter the station's lower level? He never talks. Just grunts and nods. If you buy from him, when you plop down your two quarters, let him know he's been blogged.

The News
Conrad Black was found guilty.

Even though few think Barry Bonds is innocent, he's getting the Sammy Sosa treatment.

Lindsay Lohan is busted for coke possession.

Nicole Richie is busted for being stupid.

Britney Spears' bodyguards take on photographers.

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