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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

StreetWise & Macy's - Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wednesday, January 31, 2007
10:14 a.m.

They are gone. Rush hour is over, so far. Not so wet today. Cold, though. Real cold. The sun's been up, but it has been cold. Tomorrow won't be any warmer.

Kathy was selling StreetWise on Randolph this morning. Good, sweet kid. Nicest of the vendors. I don't remember her ever not being there. Her wheelchair kind of hides her, though. I wonder what she's got to do to get out of that racket? Smart, you know? I don't know what she can do.

I just got back from Macy's on State. Coffee. Large. I don't see the big huff about Field's selling out. It is a department store. They sell. So they sold themself? It is what they do. Instead of selling in chunks, they sold the whole lot. Good for them. Let me tell you, if I sold all my papers at once I'd call that a good day. Someone retired nice thanks to the Macy's thing.

Speaking of papers, the Sun-Times had a section on the Bears today. Benson is so full of hot air. He thinks he has something to say. I've seen his type a hundred times. When did you hear Jordan talk like that? That man had class and the skill of a thousand Bensons, if they played the same sport. Benson's fine, just full of himself. Trouble is the Colts aren't a bunch of lay-me-downs. They went to Miami to play.

We'll know Sunday.

I caught some of Prison Break the other night by accident. Confused the time with 24. I'm not sure which is imitating which, but 24 is the one I'm following. Jack's the man. He's like Bruce Willis, only better.

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